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      Detox Program

      Real Well Cellular Detox Program

      Detoxification is only real and lasting when it occurs at the cellular level. Detoxification is a fundamental component of cellular healing, one that most people carry out improperly or neglect altogether. No matter how clean of a lifestyle you lead, toxins affect us from all angles; air, water, food, body care products, clothing, and cleaning supplies to list a few. This is why periodic cellular detox is essential to a healthy life in our modern toxic world.

      The Real Well Cellular 60 day complete and, comprehensive detoxification program opens and supports detox pathways, which include the lymph, kidneys, liver and gut. The binders remove toxins from cells to avoid recirculation of toxins.


      Benefits of Real Well Cellular Detox Program:

      • Removes Toxins
      • Regenerates Cell Membranes
      • Restores Cellular Energy
      • Reduces Cellular Inflammation
      • Re-Establishes Methylation

      Real Well Cellular Detox Program Includes:

      • Testing
      • Education
      • Supplements
        • 2 Phases of Supplements
      • Detoxification Food Guide

      Infrared Full Spectrum Sauna with ChromoTherapy

      Infrared saunas heat your body directly rather than simply warming the air. They raise the core body temperature and produce a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, which is where most toxins reside.

      Benefits of Infrared Full Spectrum Sauna
      Your skin is the largest organ of the body. The subcutaneous layer of fat stores many toxins and can be found just below the skin’s surface. A Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna can penetrate into the tissues up to a depth of two inches, resulting in medical benefits such as:

      • Detoxification
      • Weight Loss
      • Immune System Boost
      • Muscle Gain
      • Fat Loss
      • Pain Relief – Joint, muscle, tissue and nerve
      • Heart Health
      • Lowers Blood Pressure
      • Relaxation/Improving Sleep
      • Skin Rejuvenation

      Benefits of Chromo Therapy
      Full-Spectrum, ultraviolet, colored and laser light can have therapeutic value for a range conditions.

      Light therapy uses color for their proposed healing abilities in treating emotional and physical disturbances, such as:

      • Stomach issues
      • Liver Trouble
      • Diabetes
      • Skin disorders
      • Lung diseases and disorders
      • Muscle and Nerve disorders
      • Cancer
      • Arthritis and Rheumatism
      • Epilepsy
      • Anemia
      • Meningitis
      • Pneumonia
      • Influenza

      BulletProof Vibe Plate

      Whole body vibration plate detoxes and strengthens the immune system, builds/regains muscle strength and bone density, stimulates healthier brain function, reduces workout recovery time and increases energy.

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